Album Review- Alpine’s Yuck

Following the success of their debut, A is for Alpine, Melbourne sestet, Alpine are back with their second album, Yuck. Not unlike their previous work, Yuck is a collection of indie-pop summer anthems and smooth harmonies courtesy of vocalists Phoebe Baker and Lou James.

First up is 90s R&B inspired track, ‘Come On’. Its breathy chorus chants of ‘’Come On’’ are a quirky introduction to this alt-pop album, while the next track ‘Foolish’ inspires the album’s title as the band describe their confused feelings towards love as ‘Yuck!’. Not unlike a tune that would be heard on Home and Away, ‘Crunches’ up tempo guitar hooks and charming lyrics make it an uplifting soundtrack to summer.

‘Shot Fox’ is a surprising highlight of the ten track album. Its zany synths combine with a paradoxical chorus “When you’re gone the world seems brighter/ When you’re heart beats mine beats faster” Adding to the album’s sexual tension, ‘Up for Air’ is a smooth track blended with gasping’s of “You’re the one whose gonna make me lose control”, while ‘Damn Baby’s’ swooning verses are followed by rapturous choruses celebrating love.

‘Jellyfish’’s water-dropping synths combine with the repetitive and entrancing introduction of “I wanna be the light, euphoric, stop beating myself up,” captivating listeners in a meditative fashion.  The light fretwork at play in ‘Much More’ is a beautiful contrast to previous melodies on the album, highlighting the yearning of the singer.

‘Standing Not Sleeping’s’ dazed verses are saved by its thrashing drum chorus, yet the faded out beats means the track ends too soon than many listeners may like. Final track’s ‘Need Not Be’ speak-singing intro of “I’m confused about sex and love” and whispers of “I’m holy fuckin’ free” are once again meshed with a sprinkling of synths to maintain the album’s vibrant edgy sound.

While many tracks are similar in sound and theme, Yuck’s seductive synths and sassy lyrics make it an album that both loyal Alpine fans and indie enthusiasts will revel in.

Author: Claire Fox

20 year old blogger from cork

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