An Autumn/Winter’s Tale




Ever since the resurgence in popularity of choke-chains and preppy mini-skirts in 2013, 90’s trends have become a staple feature of Autumn/Winter wardrobes, with 90’s hair trends currently experiencing what we call a ‘moment’ in fashion.  Double buns and messy hairstyles add funkiness to demure winter outfits and are the perfect partners for thigh- high boots and long trench coats. While balayage is typically a summer trend, two-toned hair brightens up most winter looks and is a welcome counterpart to chestnut brown and raven colour styles. Straight hair is also making a comeback this season thanks to models, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner’s straight-laced locks, however for those of us with naturally wind-swept hair, volume never goes astray, especially in winter months. If the weather ups its volume, surely we can too!


Coats and Jackets:

Bolder colours won’t just be visible on people’s heads but likewise in their choice of jackets. Don’t worry, that classic black mac you invested in two years ago is still a staple, but don’t be afraid to embrace blasts of colour this winter. Soft, pastel pinks are making an appearance on the high street this season , with boyfriend blazers and maxi coats all sporting this indulgent colour pop.  Velvet is the ultimate fabric favourite for Autumn/Winter 2016 jackets, while over-sized fur coats from last year are likewise back and are even bigger and better than before. British fashion house, Burberry gave fur centre stage at its recent Autumn/Winter show, with faux  always being the most appropriate option.


Everyday Look:

For your everyday ensemble, A-line velvet skirts and patterned shirts create a girly look, while woollen pinafores and button up skirts too contribute to this effect. Flared trousers and pleated mini-skirts allow for a subtlety flamboyant lady-like look, with Dublin based designer, Manley offering some beautiful metallic skirts and dresses if you’re looking to invest in immaculate Irish clothing. Dungarees in all forms and fabrics, from their traditional denim to cosy velvet, are having a renaissance moment on the high street. Full length styles accompanied with shoe-boots and leather jackets give grunge vibes, while shorter styles look beautiful when teamed with shiny, tasselled loafers or pumps.



Flower Power:

Although florals are normally associated with Spring/Summer clothing, their widespread appearance in almost every window display this season proves that they are not just limited to race wear or summer weddings. Whether in print form or embroidered onto darker coloured dresses, florals will add an artful element to your winter closet, with Zara and Oasis paying particular homage to flower power in the form of brilliant bomber jackets and elegant blouses.


Night-time :

Autumn/Winter night time apparel provides Irish fashionistas with so much more scope to experiment and make a statement compared to lazier summer months. Why not give sequins a miss this year and opt for lustrous metallic materials instead? Kate Moss’ famous sheer dress of the 1990’s is available in numerous and less daring replicas across stores, while bra-lets and lace tops add romance, sensuality and texture to any simple outfit. One-shoulder dresses and tops also make an appearance this season with velvet being the fabric of choice once more.


Shoe time:

There’s nothing quite like a sturdy, yet practical winter boot to start you on the right footing for the season ahead. Thigh-high velvet boots aren’t going anywhere and are joined by lace-up versions and open-toed shoe boots for those of you brave enough to succumb your feet to the icy winter air. While sequined dresses are beyond over-played, the addition of jewels and sequins on court shoes and stilettos allows for a subtle nod to traditional glitz. Clunky, over-sized platforms will undoubtedly be the footwear choice for more fearless fashionistas, while buckled, strapped and pointy numbers also made an appearance on recent Autumn/Winter runways from Alexander Wang to Temperley.

Author: Claire Fox

20 year old blogger from cork

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