Frankly my dear, I don’t give a blog

What kind of blogger am I? Am I even a blogger?  Are those my feet? These are questions that roll through my mind most days (ok, the latter question is a Father Ted reference, but whatever).

father jack

For those of you who keep an eye on my blog and matching Instagram and Twitter accounts you may have noticed that much like its owner, it’s very mixed up and a bit confused.

One day I could post a blog raving about my favourite book and the next I could be uploading splattered images from the Ploughing Championships.

I haven’t nailed down my blogging brand yet. I know it’ll never have anything to do with fitness because gyms freak me out and I conveniently forgot my towel the two times I ventured to the Mardyke gym during my three years in UCC.

Meanwhile, in the mornings I can barely manage to put BB cream on my face, so beauty posts are definitely out of the question and don’t interest me anyway.

IMG_6059 (1)
A sample of my mixed up blog posts on Instagram @clairefoxwrites

These days everything needs a label, everything has to sit neatly in a clear category, but my personality has never been like that, so why should my blog?

I can’t solo a football to save my life but would put up a good fight against any so-called sports fanatic to name the All-Ireland winning Cork team of 2005.

So, for now my blog is going to continue to be a confused bundle of madness, just like me.

Anyway, I’m a human being, I’m not a commodity or a brand that needs a unique selling point and call me naive, but I don’t think my blog needs one either.

There’s going to be farming references because I’m from the countryside and it’s part of my job.

There will be fashion bits and bobs because although some days it may not look it, I do have a dangerous love for spending money on clothes.

There won’t be posts with me telling you to eat six cashews with your protein-filled porridge every day or ramblings about free green tea that I got from a hidden gem herbal company (I don’t get free things).

Recently I’ve been thinking of dipping my toe in to the whole video/blog thing. There’s a phrase out there: “If you can’t stop thinking about it, you have to do it”.

Ok, even though you can’t stop thinking about indulging in a lie in from work or murdering your noisy neighbour who smokes weed 24/7, I don’t think that’s what this phrase is trying to communicate.

It’s telling you if there’s something in you that sparks a light in your stomach or an idea that gets you riled up then maybe you should just go for it. Stop imagining yourself doing it, stop dreaming about saying something. Just spit it out. Do it.

Forever Ms Procrastination, I decided to inform my mother and sister of my dilemma.

“What if I come across as a gom?” I winged to my sister.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the word “gom”, it’s regularly trashed out in my household and amongst my friends from home.

It has a similar meaning to eegit and idiot and while we could just as easily use those words, sometimes there’s certain situations where only “gom” will suffice.

“Sure there’s plenty people making goms of themselves on the internet, if you get abuse you can stop,” laughed my sister.

My mother not-so helpfully added: “Maybe you could do it under a different name.”

“The blog is called clairefoxwrites, Mam,” I sulked.

“Oh yeah,” she said.

While I’m still none the wiser, I know they meant well with their advice and always do.

When you upload anything on the internet you’re opening a door to a world of people ready to judge, however with videos it feels to me like forgetting to close the door and unwittingly inviting the entire cyber universe armed with opinions in for tea and a biscuit.

Or maybe Clarke Gable in Gone with the Wind was right- nobody does give a damn. So just do what makes you happy and forget about the rest.


Author: Claire Fox

20 year old blogger from cork

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