About Me


My name is Claire Fox and I’m 22 years old. Sounds like an almost child-like way to introduce yourself but it’s best to get the basics out of the way. Remember when you were a child and you always included your age when introducing yourself to new people? Getting the “and a half part” was always extremely important if you were six and a half.

I’m from Co. Cork, North Cork to be exact. I always feel it’s the most overlooked part of Cork. West Cork is picturesque of course and East Cork has plenty of attractions, but so does North Cork. It’s like West Cork but with no beaches and has better broadband.


I studied a BA Major in English and Minor in French at University College Cork from 2013-2016 and they were three fantastic year where I made friends for life. Studying Arts gets a lot of criticism but there’s limitless possibilities within arts, so if you’re considering studying it, I’d recommend it. Don’t listen to people trying to sway you towards Law or Business. I’m glad I didn’t. Follow your own path because it’s nobody else’s business what you do with your life.


I got really involved in student publications in UCC and it was honestly the best decision I ever made. I found my true passion as Editor of arts magazine Verge in my second year at UCC and won two Smedia awards in 2016 for my feature and current affairs writing with Motley Magazine.

I’m currently completing a summer placement at Independent.ie in Dublin as part of my MA in Journalism at Dublin City University. This year was the best learning curve for me.  I made wonderful friends and met like-minded people.

My writing interests are broad to say the least. Female issues and arts and culture will always be my favourite but I enjoy current affairs too.


Here’s my blog. I’ve changed the name to match my Twitter and Instagram: clairefoxwrites. Sometimes you just have to keep it simple.

Claire x





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